Friday, July 31 Workshops


9:00 - 9:45 Workshops:

The Many Faces of Collaboration (Grand Ballroom CD)

A Panel Discussion brought to you by the NCKP Committee on Collaborative Performance.


Jean BarrDanaBrown


Dana Brown

Chicago Lyric Opera




Jody GravesAnthonyMolinaro

Teaching, Performing,

Dance Accompanying

Anthony Molinaro

Collaborative Improvisation Duo



Peter MackKatherineLee

Private Teaching (Duo Piano)


Katherine Lee

Chamber Music Coaching


CreativeLogoStayin' Alive: Creative Recital Formats to Keep Your Studio Fresh for Today's Students (Grand Ballroom IJ)

This session will present five new recital formats that you will be able to implement in your private studios this year. Attendees will see music come to life with real video examples of each format from the beginning stages, all the way through to the final performance product.  Examples include 1) Keyboard Jam: Students perform on multiple pianos/keyboards in a “jam” session creating popular music arrangements as seen in the highly popular “The Piano Guys” videos. 2) Pop Showcase: Students perform pop songs with a live rhythm section including guitar, bass, and drums. 3) Collaborative Recital: Students experience performing in an accompanying setting by collaborating with students studying voice or instruments other than piano. 4) Chamber Recital: Create small chamber groups with students in your studio who play other instruments, or by teaming up with another studio. 5) Arts Fusion Recital: Students present their own artwork at the recital to correlate with their musical performance.  Examples include asking students to paint, create a sculpture, create a video, or compose poetry for their piece.  Students have room to get creative in all of our format examples!

Learn how to create meaningful and creative performance opportunities that go beyond the grand piano through step-by-step instruction created for each setting.  From Keyboard Jams to Arts Fusion performances, these recital formats will allow your students experience many new forms of musical expression, inspiring everyone along the way.

KristinYostAuthor, clinician, and mentor, Kristin Yost is a sought-after presenter in areas of music business and popular musical genres for independent music teachers.


ToddvanKekerixTodd Van Kekerix is active pianist and teacher on the faculty at the New School for Music Study. He also teaches at Kean University and maintains a private piano studio in Hoboken, NJ.





Ryan Greene currently serves on the faculty at Centre for Musical Minds. He is Associate Director for NCKP and oversees digital management for Clavier Companion magazine. Ryan holds degrees from Southern Methodist University and Butler University.


The Essentials of Healthy Biomechanics for the Pianist (Grand Ballroom AB)
Piano playing is an art as well as an athletic activity. What should piano teachers know about the core principles of well-coordinated, injury-preventive piano technique? What do teachers need to experience and understand about efficient muscle use and optimal alignment? Explore the pedagogy of good biomechanics to minimize risk of injury and maximize students' artistry.

Lister Sink photoBarbara Lister-Sink, a graduate of Smith College and the Utrecht Conservatory, is an internationally acknowledged performer and leader in injury-preventive piano technique. Her DVD Freeing the Caged Bird won the 2002 MTNA - Frances Clark Keyboard Pedagogy award. She currently directs the Certificate Program in Injury-Preventive Keyboard Technique at Salem College.

TechLogoExploring the Flipped Music Studio: Maximizing the Educational Benefits of YouTube (Grand Ballroom GH)
Don’t flip out! Discover the educational benefits of the flipped studio model. Join Dr. Jennifer Snow for an interactive, workshop session that explores exciting and creative ways to integrate YouTube and other videos into your independent studio. Ideas focus on student-centered learning through reference recordings, interdisciplinary connections, peer collaborations, creativity and reflection.

JenniferSnowDr. Jennifer Snow is the Vice President of Teacher Education at the Royal Conservatory. She is an established educator and performer who has presented, performed, and adjudicated at the international, national, and state levels.

TechLogoiPad iDeas: Mobile Apps to Engage Your Students (Lilac B)
Discover how to incorporate your iPad or Android device easily in your teaching. Learn how teachers are creatively using mobile apps to engage their students, address multiple learning styles, and make their teaching more effective.

Michelle SislerMichelle Sisler is best known for her innovative approach bringing technology, motivation, and creativity into music lessons. As the founder of Keys to Imagination LLC and, she frequently presents workshops throughout the world. Michelle is an active author of music games, motivation programs, curriculum and articles for music teacher magazines.

Seeing Through Your Fingers:  How to Include Students with Vision Impairments In the Piano Studio (Magnolia A)
This session will discuss practical teaching suggestions for teaching students with vision impairments in the piano studio.  These practical solutions will help teachers as they work with this population and be very applicable to teaching all types of students.  Attendees will be given handouts with lesson ideas as well as a detailed bibliography of useful sources.  One special highlight will be live performances by Dr. Bauer’s students.

BethBauerBeth Bauer is pedagogy instructor at the Wheaton College Conservatory. She is the founder of Beethoven’s Buddies, a music program for students with developmental delays. Her work is nationally recognized for work with students with disabilities.



Price ScottScott Price, chairs the piano department at the University of South Carolina where he is Professor of Piano and Piano Pedagogy. Dr. Price is creator and editor-in-chief of the on-line journal, Piano Pedagogy Forum, which received the 2008 MTNA Frances Clark Keyboard Pedagogy Award. His work with students with autism has been featured on national television (Dateline NBC) and at the national conventions of MTNA and NCKP.



2:15-3:00 Workshops

From Lesson to Stage: Helping Students Become Successful Performers (Grand Ballroom IJ)

This session will chart the development and growth of a student performance from the introduction of new repertoire to the day of the recital. A timeline will be discussed showing the arc of performance preparation for elementary and intermediate piano students. This timeline will include benchmarks for student readiness with video illustrations. Topics will include choosing repertoire, the introduction of performance repertoire, practice suggestions for early accuracy, maintenance practice, memorization, rehearsals, and stage presence.

TedCooperTed Cooper is a teacher and composer of educational piano music with works in the catalogs of Alfred and Carl Fischer. His most recent works, Clash of the Sabers and Storm Chaser, are published by Alfred. He has presented at NCKP and at MTNA national and state conventions. After earning his graduate degree in piano pedagogy, he earned a Teaching Certificate with distinction at the New School for Music Study where he studied with Frances Clark and Louise Goss. He is a faculty member at Levine School of Music in Washington, DC.

Pathways of Music and Emotion: Mental Health Principles for Teachers (Grand Ballroom CD)
Psychological health is an important and often overlooked aspect of musician health and wellness, even though performance can invite a host of serious emotional challenges. This session will explore the intersection of music and mind, and offer practical advice for instructors.

VanessaCornettVanessa Cornett is the Director of Keyboard Studies at the University of St. Thomas in Minneapolis-St. Paul. She has published widely on topics of mindfulness practice, performance anxiety management, holistic teaching, and mental skills for musicians. She has presented in twelve countries on five continents.


JulieNagelJulie Jaffee Nagel, Ph.D. is known for her work in performance anxiety and the intersection of music and emotion.  A graduate of Juilliard, The University of Michigan, and The Michigan Psychoanalytic Institute, she has presented worldwide.  Her book Melodies of the Mind has received wide acclaim, and her column “Mind Matters” appears in Clavier Companion.

Teach Like TED (Grand Ballroom AB)

Successful TED talks contain many of the same qualities that make teachers effective communicators. What are the TED talk secrets and how can they help us hone our craft, deliver memorable teaching moments, and capture the imagination of a single student or a group? This workshop will review the nine top secrets of the most successful TED talk speakers and apply them to teaching in a lively interactive format.

SusanBrucknerSusan Bruckner directs the piano department at Cabrillo College in CA. She is author of The Whole Musician and performs with the Santa Cruz Chamber Players. She studied with Frances Clark and Louise Goss.

The Inspired RMM Classroom (Grand Ballroom GH)

One of the many challenges in teaching Recreational Music Making group piano classes is the ability to successfully present and sequence core concepts at an appropriate pace for students who may be at different levels of keyboard proficiency. The four presenters of this session will showcase creative and innovative instruction for teaching and reinforcing fundamental piano skills, introducing repertoire, and preparing students for effective at-home practice. Beginning through intermediate levels of instruction will be discussed.

NanBakeNan Baker Richerson, Ph.D., NCTM, teaches group and applied piano at Salisbury University in Salisbury, MD. She is a member of the AMT Editorial Committee, and has presented at MTNA and NCKP national conferences.




BrendaDillonBrenda Dillon, a nationally recognized RMM teacher trainer, is author of Piano Fun for Adult Beginners, Piano Fun: Pop Hits, Piano Fun: Christmas Hits published by Hal Leonard and is co-author of The RMM Handbook, published by Alfred. She currently teaches at the Dallas School of Music in Dallas, TX.


RebeccaBelleloRebecca C. Bellelo, Ph.D., NCTM, teaches applied piano and RMM classes in her multi-teacher studio, Piano Pathways. She is an adjunct professor at Southeastern Louisiana University and has presented research at MTNA, NCKP, and NAfME.



EmilyBookEmily Book McGree, DMA: Emily currently serves as the Director of Education at Parlando School for the Arts in Boulder, CO, where she also maintains an active studio of RMM and “traditional” students.



CreativeLogoFinding the Time to Be Creative (Magnolia A) 50-mintute lab to follow

Offering creative opportunities during jam-packed private or group lessons can be a challenge. Discover tips to engage pianists of any age in activities on and off the bench that will spark musical imaginations when time is at a premium.

LeilaVissLeila Viss owns a creative-based, tech-savvy piano studio. She’s an organist, accompanist, blogs at, writes for Clavier Companion and authored The iPad Piano Studio. With Bradley Sowash she cofounded 88 Creative Keys Camp.

TechLogoElectronic Scores for Modern Musicians: the New Frontier (Lilac B)
Wondering how to migrate your music library to an iPad or an Android tablet? Confused by competing file formats? Wishing that electronic scores were easier to read or more interactive? Ready to publish your own material? All will be revealed!

Shana KirkShana Kirk is a Denver, CO-based pianist, teacher, and music industry consultant. Recognized for her expertise in teaching and performing technologies, she presents workshops across the US and Canada, contributes frequently to American Music Teacher and Clavier Companion, and serves as the senior editor for SimpleTec magazine.


Stella SickDr. Stella Sick holds degrees from the Eastman School of Music and the University of Minnesota. She is a Managing Director of the International Piano-e-Competition. Dr. Sick teaches piano locally and nationwide. An active performer, Stella is an adjunct assistant professor at Hamline University.


George LitterstGeorge Litterst is a nationally known music educator, clinician, author, performer, and music software developer. A classically-trained pianist, he is also a multimedia musician who works extensively with high-tech pianos in his performing and teaching. He is the co-author of Home Concert Xtreme, Classroom Maestro, Internet MIDI, and SuperScore.