2013 Technology Committee

The NCKP Technology Committee is a standing committee that is providing a pre-conference seminar for NCKP 2013, technology workshops, a Dream Studio, Geek Bar, and streaming sessions on the Internet.

Our Tech Gurus have outdone themselves with a suite of sessions that will educate and even entertain NCKP 2013 participants, from beginners to advanced users of technology. Check out these videos, prepared by NCKP Technology Committee members, describing what these workshops are all about:
Overview of Technology Sessions at NCKP | George Litterst
Tricks and Tools for Making Magical MIDI Accompaniments | Mario Ajero, Stella Sick, Shana Kirk
Drama-Free Sightreading: Assessment and Practice Tools For Boosting Your Students' Sightreading Skills | Linda Christensen, Kathleen Maskell
Streamline Your Studio And Reclaim Your Time | Kathleen Theisen, Stella Sick, Shana Kirk
Beyond the Piano Studio: How to Make Engaging Instructional Videos for Your Students | Mario Ajero, Shana Kirk, Stella Sick
Mobile Devices and the Modern Music Teacher: Crucial Tools Wherever You Go | Linda Christensen, Michelle Sisler, Kathleen Theisen