Video Teaching Demonstration: Celebrating Excellence through Shared Practice

Thursday 11:15 am – 12:15 pm
Room: Grand Ballroom EF|
Teachers:  Diana Dumlavwalla, Scott Donald, Sara Ernst, Diane Hidy, Chee-Hwa Tan
Facilitator:  Andrew Hisey

Join five leading teachers from across the country as they share and discuss videos of their teaching practice.   Focused on approaches to strong pedagogical principles, the moderated discussion will celebrate excellence in teaching and explore ideas on foundational experiences that are sequenced throughout all levels of effective teaching. 

Inclusive Teaching Demonstration

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Saturday 10:00 am – 11:00 am
Room: Grand Ballroom EF
Teacher: Scott Price
Facilitator:  Jennifer Snow

Join Scott Price, nationally recognized for his work with piano study and autism, for a live lesson with one of his students. The lesson will be followed by a moderated discussion during which non-traditional pedagogical techniques used in the lesson will be examined. Teaching this very talented and deserving population of students and what they have to teach us about relevancy and effectiveness in piano teaching will also be featured.

Batten Chase 

Chase Batten is 19 years old and resides in Irmo, South Carolina. Chase was diagnosed with autism at age 3. At age 8, his music therapist discovered his love and natural ability to play piano. Chase began taking lessons with Dr. Scott Price at the age of 13 and studies with him at the Carolina LifeSong Initiative.

Improvisation Teaching Demonstration

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Saturday 11:00 am – 12:30 pm
Room: Grand Ballroom EF
Teachers: Tony Caramia, Bradley Sowash, Jeremy Siskind
Facilitator:  Jessica Johnson

Although more and more teachers feel that they should be teaching improvisation, many still aren't sure what a successful improvisation lesson looks like. This teaching demonstration provides an opportunity for teachers to observe three experienced improvisation teachers – Tony Caramia, Bradley Sowash, and Jeremy Siskind – teaching students at very different levels of the improvisation training. The students range from an improv novice having their first lesson in improvisation to a jazz prodigy already playing at a high level.

Gerta Grimci Wiemer is an active solo and collaborative artist, and has performed with various orchestras and chamber groups. While an adjunct professor at Weber State University, Utah, Ms. Wiemer taught both in studio and classroom settings. She also collaborated with faculty members and guest artists such as Tadeo Coelho, Celena Shafer and Kathryn Lucktenberg.
Brinkman May Lauren

May Lauren Brinkman teaches piano in Greenville, SC and currently serves as President of the Greenville Music Teachers Association. She holds degrees from Furman University and the University of Georgia, where she studied pedagogy with Dr. Pete Jutras. When not creating music, she enjoys reading, baking, and hiking with her husband.

Schultz Justin Lee  Justin-Lee Schultz is a 12-year-old jazz pianist. Although still young, Justin has enjoyed plenty of recognition, including collaborating with pianist Bob James, performing on the Harry Connick Jr. and “Little Big Shots” television shows, and releasing a single, “My Playground,” which hit the top 10 on the iTunes jazz charts.