2015 PEDxV

Friday July 31, 11:00 am, Grand Ballroom EF

PEDxV continues at the National Conference on Pedagogy 2015 with a new line-up of fascinating subjects and visionary thinkers!  PEDxV is about challenging boundaries between art, pedagogy, service, music, technology, and entrepreneurship. It is equally about dreaming and life-changing innovation. Speakers at PEDxV receive 20 minutes to give "the talk of their lives," delivered in a rapid-fire format, accompanied by exciting visuals and demonstrations. PEDxV will present these four intensely focused sessions on the morning of Friday, July 31, 2015.


OpporTUNEity: Engaging a Challenged Population and Bridging Racial Gaps through Music

OpporTUNEity is a highly successful co-curricular service-learning project that provides children with special needs and at-risk youth in Pulaski, TN with piano lessons and mentoring from undergraduate students. With an 80% poverty rate, Pulaski continues to work towards shedding its history as the birthplace of the KKK and heal the longstanding impact of racial segregation. This program works to change all of above through the emphasis on inclusion, diversity, and community collaboration.

Martiros MelissaMelissa Martiros has a D.M.A. in Piano Performance and Pedagogy and a M.S. in Special Education from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. She currently serves as Assistant Professor of Music and Service-Learning Coordinator at Martin Methodist College in Pulaski, TN. An advocate for inclusion in music, she is the founder of OpporTUNEity, a community piano program for at-risk youth and children with special needs.

Arts Entrepreneurship and Teaching Through Games

Ten years ago, few schools taught arts entrepreneurship. Today there are ninety-six American colleges and universities addressing the topic. Most artists do not gravitate towards traditional business classes. So, how should artists be taught entrepreneurial skills? When educators appeal to artists' sensibilities, by teaching through play, they increase the likelihood of artists embracing entrepreneurship, and thus increase the chances of more artists making a living from their creativity and artistry.


Hart JimJim Hart is the Director of Arts Entrepreneurship Program at Southern Methodist University. Hart co-founded the Society for Arts Entrepreneurship Education and founded The International Theatre Academy Norway, a full-time conservatory in Oslo, Norway. He studied at SMU (B.F.A.) and The Yale School of Drama (M.F.A.).


Our field is in the midst of a major evolution. Do you struggle with bridging the gap between what's considered "traditional" and balancing this with the desires and goals of today's modern students? Have you found your niche? Do you consider yourself indispensable? Jennifer Eklund, owner of Piano Pronto Publishing, will discuss how she successfully built her publishing company in tandem with her 20-year teaching career and how her own brand-building experience can help you be more successful and sought after.


Eklund JenniferJennifer Eklund holds a Bachelor's degree in Music with an emphasis on Performance and Pedagogy, and a Master's Degree in Musicology from California State University, Long Beach. She is an avid arranger, composer, and author of the Piano Pronto method book series. She enjoyed a successful 20 year teaching career in Southern California and recently retired from teaching to run her growing publishing company on a full-time basis.

Music Transcends the Middle East Conflict – One Note at a Time

The session focuses on the profound impact that we as performing artists and teachers can have in a world that is starving for the gift of music. Our ‘vocation’ in the current global climate goes far beyond playing great music in great halls… we are called to take our talents into unique and even dangerous situations and create a platform for fostering peace and understanding between very diverse countries and cultures. The manner in which these historic events continue to resonate and diffuse the misperceptions of Middle Eastern cultures will be highlighted.


JodyGravesJody Graves is a performing artist, engaging public speaker, and sought-after master teacher. Her active career covers a broad array of offerings including concerts, master classes, retreats, workshops, and lectures on living a beautiful and healthy artistic life. Each presentation is laced with poignant stories and humor, engaging the audience and participants in a rich collaborative experience.