2015 NCKP Committees

The Committees of the National Conference on Keyboard Pedagogy work to research, compile, or otherwise deal with issues of ongoing significance to our participants and the piano teaching public in meaningful and substantive ways. Active NCKP committees and their members are listed below.

Collaborative Performance
Steven Harlos, Chair
Jean Barr
Jody Graves
Laura Melton
Alexandra Nguyen
Independent Music Teachers
Arlene Steffen, Chair
Immanuela Gruenberg
David Husser
Gail Lew
Elissa Milne
Jason Sifford
Collegiate Pedagogy Teaching
Ann Gipson, Co-Chair
Yu-Jane Yang, Co-Chair
Bradley Beckman
Courtney Crappell 
Rebekah Jordan-Miller
Matthew Kline 
Carolyn True
Lisa Zdechlik 
Music in Early Childhood
Unoccupied, Chair
Linda Fields
Kelly Freije
Betsy Homer
Bobbi Morgan
Betty Smith
Mary Louise Wilson
Students and Young Professionals
Lesley McAllister, Chair
Michael Benson
Michelle Conda
Kellie Cunningham
Grace Choi
Scott Donald
Sara Ernst
Margaret Young
Carla Davis Cash, Co-Chair
Joann Kirchner, Co-Chair
Alejandro Cremaschi
Pete Jutras
Pamela Pike
Cynthia Stephens-Himonides
Teaching Students with Special Needs
Beth Bauer, Chair
Scott Price
Richard Simensen
Lisa Zdechlik
Teaching Adults
Pamela Pike, Chair
Janet Buswell-Finch
Michelle Conda
Jackie Edwards-Henry
Ramona Kime
George Litterst, Chair
Mario Ajero
Joao Paulo Casarotti
Linda Christensen
Alejandro Cremaschi
Shana Kirk
Jennifer Snow
Stella Sick
Michelle Sisler
Kathleen Theisen
Wellness for the Pianist
Vanessa Cornett, Chair
Gail Berenson
Linda Cockey
Carol Leone
Barbara Lister-Sink
Julie Jaffee Nagel
Kathleen Riley
Lois Svard
Brenda Wristen