Introducing The Creative Pianist Track, a comprehensive collection of pre-conference sessions, plenary sessions, concerts, and workshops featuring multiple keyboards for an immediate, hands-on experience. The dynamic, interactive keyboard lab sessions are a first for NCKP. The track is designed to develop and boost creative skills related to both pedagogy and performance for teachers of all levels of experience.

Pre-Conference Seminar: A Sampler To Please Those with a Taste for Creativity Wednesday, July 29, Magnolia A, B, C

The theme of this year's highly interactive Creative Pianist Pre-Conference Seminar is A Sampler To Please Those with a Taste for Creativity. There's a large assortment of ways to teach creativity at the keys so we've narrowed it down to a few golden nuggets that will immediately enhance your playing and your teaching. Brought to you by the NCKP Committee for The Creative Pianist: Leila Viss, Chair, Bradley Sowash, Forrest Kinney.

A "Four Arts of Music" Demonstration Lesson Saturday, August 1, 9:30a-11:00a Grand Ballroom EF

Someone with a command of a language can talk, tell stories, read, and write. Likewise, a whole musician can improvise, arrange, interpret the works of others, and compose. These are the four Arts of Music. Forrest will demonstrate how we can teach these arts in a 45-minute lesson by teaching a lesson to an intermediate-level student. This will be followed by a question-and-answer session.


ForrestKinneyForrest Kinney, NCTM, is the author and composer of 19 books including the Pattern Play series on improvisation, the Chord Play series on arranging, and Creativity—Beyond Compare. He is a pianist who regularly gives concerts and presentations for music educators. His arrangements are now in over 40 publications.


Bradley Sowash:  In the Moment Saturday, August 1 12:15p-1:00p Grand Ballroom EF

Bradley Sowash’s rare combination of improvisational virtuosity and instant audience rapport will leave you refreshed and delighted. How many colors and styles can be wrought from familiar tunes? What if Beethoven and Duke Ellington met in heaven and decided to collaborate? Expect the unexpected.

Sowash CMC 0892 2Composer, performer, multi-instrumentalist and educator Bradley Sowash is known for his creative music-making instructional books published by Kjos Music and as the co-founder of 88 Creative Keys improvisation camps for piano students and teachers.

Creative Workshops

Throughout the conference the Creative Pianist committee will present several workshops, some of which will be followed by 50-minute keyboard lab sessions in rooms Magnolia A, B, and C. A total of thirty-two keyboards with headphones will be set up and arranged in a classroom setting for these sessions. Led by the Creative Pianist Track presenters, this unique, interactive opportunity will allow attendees to apply content and reinforce what is covered at the workshop lectures. Click here for a listing of all Creative Pianist workshops.