Publisher Showcases

Thurdsay, 8:008:50 AM

The Royal Conservatory
Celebrating Theory
Discover how the new Royal Conservatory theory program and comprehensive Celebrate Theory series supports the development of complete musicianship from beginners to advanced levels, leading to musical independence and excellence.
Presenter: Janet Lopinski
Grand Ballroom AB

Hal Leonard
Recent Classical Piano Publications from Hal Leonard
A variety of publications will be presented, including the new 12-volume At the Piano series from Henle, the 5-volume Baroque to Modern series in Schirmer Performance Editions, the new Boosey & Hawkes edition of Bartók’s First Term at the Piano, and new Ricordi publications. Free music to all who attend.
Presenters: Richard Walters, Brendan Fox
Grand Ballroom CD

Timewarp Technologies
Crucial Tools for Creative Teachers
iPads and Mobile Devices. Liquid Music Display. Interactive Musical Scores. Intelligent Accompaniment. Automatic Page-Turning. Concerti and Virtual Orchestras that Follow You! Long Distance Teaching. Learn how to take your studio to the next level!
Presenters: George Litterst, Shana Kirk, Stella Sick
Grand Ballroom GH

Alfred Music
From Solo to Concerto: Variety in the Studio
Choosing appropriate music and materials for the variety of students’ needs is the key to success. This introduction of new materials includes solos, duets, masterworks, concertos, and a keyboard history book that will serve to enliven your teaching.
Presenters: Tom Gerou, Gayle Kowalchyk, and E. L. Lancaster
Grand Ballroom IJ

Thursday, 4:30—5:20 PM

Piano Safari Method
uilding a Foundation for Music Literacy
Join the creators of the innovative new method Piano Safari as they discuss the defining characteristics of their approach. Learn how this series integrates a comprehensive intervallic reading approach with rote teaching, technique, and improvisation. An overview of new materials will be also provided.
Presenters: Katherine Fisher and Julie Knerr
Grand Ballroom AB

The Royal Conservatory
Evaluating with the Experts: A Peek Inside the Exam Room
Join a panel of Royal Conservatory examiners to observe a complete intermediate level piano examination, followed by an interactive discussion of examination procedures, evaluation criteria, and tips for enhanced student preparation and success.
Presenters: Members of The Royal Conservatory College of Examiners
Grand Ballroom CD

Modernizing Your Studio for Maximum Student Engagement
From Cristofori to the 21st Century, the history of the piano is a dynamic history of technological change and innovation. Yamaha is proud to present four leading educators who offer insights into best teaching practices in the contemporary piano studio including ways to provide students with a transformative musical experience.
Presenters: Dennis Alexander, Linda Christensen, Pete Jutras, Stella Sick
Hosts: George Litterst, Shana Kirk
Grand Ballroom GH

Hal Leonard
The Music of Teaching
Every piano students is different. Guiding them down a customized path that encourages creative and independent learning requires a variety of skills, music and resources. Join our Hal Leonard clinicians as they share their new releases and expertise. Free music for all attendees.
Presenters: Jennifer Linn, Lynda Lybeck-Robinson, Jeremy Siskind, and Barbara Kreader Skalinder
Grand Ballroom IJ

Friday, 8:00—8:50 AM

Strike a Chord
Elyse Weakley, piano faculty at the San Francisco Community Music Center, will demonstrate her unique approach to teaching music theory by integrating composition exercises.  These easy to understand games will benefit all teachers and students as music theory concepts are deeply understood and absorbed without the use of rote memorization.
Presenter: Elyse Weakley
Grand Ballroom AB

The Royal Conservatory
Digital Resources to Support Teachers and Engage Learners
Enrich your teaching by incorporating new online courses for History and theory. Learn how our online Piano Teacher Courses give you the opportunity to focus on your teaching practice and gain valuable knowledge from master teachers.
Presenter: Anna Boyden
Grand Ballroom CD

Piano Marvel
How much could your students improve their Sight Reading in 7 weeks?
Mary Faith Williams had an objective to drastically improve her students’ sight reading. She found The Standard Assessment of Sight Reading ( We will share her results and show how you also can position your students above the curve using the SASR. Piano Marvel merges tradition with technology as we move into the future of music education.
Presenters: Sean Slade and Mary Faith Williams
Grand Ballroom GH

Faber Piano Adventures
The Power of Technique & Artistry
The integration of technique and artistry gives students the tools and confidence for expressive performance. Discover the power of carefully sequenced technique secrets and gestures that coordinate arm, wrist and fingers.
Presenter: Randall Faber
Grand Ballroom IJ

Friday, 4:30—5:20 PM

Entrada Piano Technique
Teach Technique with Confidence
It can be frustrating to deal with recurring technical problems that can hinder student achievement. Entrada is a resource for teachers to support the teaching of effortless piano technique. Learn how Entrada can empower you to confidently address any technical problem with a systematic, whole-body approach to piano playing!

Presenter: Fred Karpoff
Grand Ballroom AB

Better than ever, the new 2nd edition of Succeeding at the Piano® and more!
Come see what your students will learn in the musically exciting and pedagogically strong piano methods, Succeeding at the Piano and the All-in-One Approach to Succeeding at the Piano, and the bestselling supplemental series Sight Reading & Rhythm Every Day®.

Presenter: Helen Marlais
Grand Ballroom CD

Stipes Publishing
Celebrate Piano Method: An All-in-One Comprehensive Method Overview and New Directions
Join us for a fresh look at Celebrate Piano, an All-in-One Comprehensive Method from Stipes Publishing. This beginning method presents Repertoire, Musicianship, Finger Gyms, Rhythm, Ear and Creative Skills in a unit-based approach with exciting sequenced accompaniments. Discover new directions with downloadable accompaniment tracks and new technology.

Presenters: Cathy Albergo and Mitzi Kolar
Grand Ballroom GH

Alfred Music
Visual Imagery: A Tool for Teaching Technique and Interpretation
Explore how works of art can help elicit creative and imaginative responses to the music in Catherine Rollin’s newest collections, Museum Masterpieces, Books 1–4. Catherine will also present successful teaching strategies that she uses with students when teaching other Rollin publications.

Presenter: Catherine Rollin
Grand Ballroom IJ

Saturday, 8:00—8:50 AM

The Royal Conservatory of Music
Take Your Teaching to the Next Level
It’s all about you! Build your personal framework for lifelong learning and explore how RCM professional development programs can help boost your profile, increase student retention, and ease your daily struggles.

Presenters: Sue Elliott and Marvin Blickenstaff
Grand Ballroom CD

Willis Music
Happy Birthday, Mr. Gillock!
Join Glenda Austin as she reminds us that there’s much more to William Gillock than “Fountain in the Rain” or “Lyric Preludes.” Our celebration of the Gillock Centennial continues with brand-new compilations and complimentary music packets. Plus: exciting new music by Austin, Randall Hartsell, Naoko Ikeda, and Carolyn Miller!

Presenter: Glenda Austin
Grand Ballroom GH

Bastien New Traditions: Inspiring the Next Generation of Beginning Pianists
Discover this delightful new series crafted especially for today’s generation of students. Come experience this fully integrated approach with exciting new music and motivating technology. A FREE reference set for every attending teacher!

Presenters: Jane and Lori Bastien
Grand Ballroom IJ

The all-new
After more than a year in development, The Frances Clark Center is excited to launch a brand new website for Clavier Companion magazine that brings resources to pianists and teachers' fingertips like never before. The site features access to decades of magazine issues and thousands of articles, many of which were previously unavailable, in a sleek format accessible from any computer, smartphone, or tablet. The website will become a central location for pianists to interact with our content, obtain new ideas, and hold lively discussions in an online forum. Clavier Companion staff will introduce the functions, features, and walk attendees through how to use this wonderful new resource!

Presenters: Pete Jutras, Ryan Greene, and Deborah Rambo Sinn
Grand Ballroom AB