Committee on Collaborative Performance and Teaching
Alexandra Nguyen, Chair, Steven Harlos, Jean Barr, Katherine Lee, Dana Brown, and Jody Graves.

Collaboration Beyond Boundaries

Pre-Conference Seminar, Wednesday, July 26
Grand Ballroom CD

Collaboration as Inspiration: Fifth House Ensemble - 2:15p-3:45p
Members of the acclaimed Fifth House Ensemble will share how their entire operation is based on collaboration, with a focus on the genesis of their organization, how they came together, how and why they collaborate, working with composers and outside collaborators, and how they reach beyond their safe zone to make all this happen.

SnozaMelissaKoschakHerineCoetzeePetersonKatherineMelissa Ngan Snoza, Hereine Coetzee Koschak, and Katherine Petersen of Fifth House Ensemble

The Chicago-Based Fifth House Ensemble is a versatile and dynamic group praised by the New York Times for its “conviction, authority, and finesse.” Having pioneered the art of narrative chamber music, 5HE’s innovative programs engage audiences through their connective programming and unexpected performance venues.

Pre-College Collaborative Experiences - A Path to a Lifetime of Music-Making 4:00-4:50p
As pianists and teachers, we are in a position to encourage the art of chamber music and collaboration as a prestigious and accessible form of performance art for our students. Collaborative experiences, especially during the pre-college years, provide essential life lessons! This includes aural acuity, communicating, responding, and a sense of accountability. This session details creative and contemporary ways that collaborative music can be incorporated into the private studio, including resources, coaching techniques and repertoire.


Aimee Biasiello is a dedicated performer and educator and a passionate advocate for the viola’s role in chamber music. She is the founding violist of Chicago Q Ensemble, and a frequent guest lecturer around Chicago.




LeeKatherineKatherine K. Lee, artist faculty and Chamber Music Program Director at the Music Institute of Chicago received her B.M. from the USC, M.M. from the Cleveland Institute of Music, and Artist Diploma from Yale University.



First steps in Collaboration: Literature for Beginners - 5:00p-5:50p
There is a wealth of great instrumental repertoire that is ideal for guiding the first steps of the budding collaborator. Many piano teachers would welcome the opportunity to work together with their string, woodwind and brass colleagues to enrich the educational experience of their students through musical collaborations if they only knew where to begin. This hands-on workshop will provide you with the resources you need to get started in the wonderful world of collaborative music for piano plus one instrument.

HarlosStevenSteven Harlos teaches piano and collaborative piano at the University of North Texas College of Music. His frequent performances range from soloist and chamber musician to keyboardist for the Dallas Symphony Orchestra.



The Bother of Balance - 6:00p-6:50p
One of the joys of playing the piano is that we can provide a whole world of sound with our instrument. It's easy for it to make too much or too little sound, especially when our musical partners are at different stages of musical and physical development. How does a teacher and coach deal with these issues? Here's a lively look at what goes into decisions about balance from the pianist's viewpoint.

BrownDanaPianist Dana Brown is Chair of the Music Faculty and opera professor at the Chicago College of Performing Arts at Roosevelt University. He is a passionate advocate for all things collaborative and entrepreneurial.