rossi Alfred
Latin Steps and Creative Journeys
Today's multi-tasking student demands a creative approach, a musical journey which engages both imagination and musical ownership. Wynn-Anne will spark inspiration with lively Latin repertoire and a unique approach to teaching the art of original composition. Discover 3-minute exercises in self-expression, then step to the beat of a Curious Rumba. Dance away with refreshing new ideas to implement in your studio!

Presenter: Wynn-Anne Rossi
Gerou Tom 2019 Alfred 
Music for a Lifetime: New Materials for All Ages and Stages
Join Tom Gerou, Gayle Kowalchyk, and E.L. Lancaster as they introduce Alfred Music’s newest publications for all levels from elementary through intermediate to early advanced.

Preseters: Tom Gerou, Gayle Kowalchyk, and E.L. Lancaster
Lancaster EL 2018 formal 4c
CarolMatz Carol Matz
Creative Teaching Ideas with Carol Matz’s "Interactive Piano Method®”
Explore teaching today's students with an innovative curriculum that includes printed Lesson Books plus a corresponding, interactive online experience. The all-encompassing series includes hardcopy lesson books plus access to the coordinated online theory activities, ear training, virtual flashcards, multimedia experiences, digital downloads, mp3s, and more. We'll also explore the method's “Pro Piano Skills” sections, which teach students to play from lead sheets, chord charts, improvisation, composition, and notation. Attendees receive a free level with printed book!

Presenter: Carol Matz
DianeHidy Diane Hidy
Teach with Diane
Be the first to experience a brand new kind of teacher training and support at this showcase with Diane Hidy (, and as a bonus, discover her latest solos, sight reading resources, method materials, and more.

Presenter: Diane Hidy
Gutierrez Elizabeth Faber Piano Adventures
Teach and Learn with A-C-E
As piano teachers, how do we bring about a deeper understanding of concepts? More personalized expression? Practical keyboard technique? Enhance your professional teaching with focused exploration of new publications using A-C-E: Analysis, Creativity, and Expression.

Presenter: Elizabeth Gutierrez and Jon Ophoff
Ophoff Jon
brendan fox headshot Hal Leonard
Update Yourself with New Releases for Classical & Educational Piano
Join us for a potpourri of our newest publications sure to please students and teachers alike! The educational portion of the showcase will highlight new releases in Composer Showcase, Pop Anthologies, Group Piano Proficiency and Journey Through the Classics. The classical portion will feature exciting new editions of music by American composers Leonard Bernstein, George Gershwin, and Charles Ives.

Presenters: Brendan Fox, Jennifer Linn and Rick Walters 
Linn Jennifer
Walters Headshot BW
Minter Will KOA Music
New sounds in the intermediate repertoire
Will Minter introduces pieces and teaching ideas from his new six-part series, Journeys. Each album presents a wide variety of genres, including jazz, pop, homages to composers, and world music arrangements. This mixture allows students to engage with the wealth of music that exists beyond the canon, becoming a more all-rounded musician.

Presenter: Will Minter
Dreyer Paula Little Gems for Piano
Rote and Pattern Pieces that Motivate and Captivate: Spark the Love of Music with Simply Impressive and Expansive Repertoire for All Levels and Ages!
Beginners love exploring the magical sounds of the piano. With colorful sonorities, impressive repeated patterns and vast registers, rote pieces give students a chance to express music from the beginning.  Teachers will learn how to teach by demonstration, gain creative tools for the lesson, and discover new resources to compliment standard beginning and intermediate repertoire. Teachers will leave the showcase feeling inspired and empowered to share the joy of music in each and every lesson.

Presenter: Paula Dreyer
20170309 CHRISTOPHER FISHER DJO 020 Piano Safari
Piano Safari Method: Building a Foundation for Music Literacy
In this workshop, the defining pedagogical characteristics of Piano Safari will be presented. Learn how this series integrates technique, reading, improvisation, and rote teaching to develop comprehensive musicianship skills in beginning pianists. A special emphasis will be placed on the new series, Piano Safari for the Older Student, designed for students ages 10-100!

Presenters: Katherine Fisher and Julie Knerr
Knerr Headshot
George Litterst Photo Timewarp Technologies
Take Your Studio Where Few Studios Have Gone Before!
Learn how to integrate your iPad, method materials, repertoire pieces, and acoustic or digital piano. Address multiple learning styles. Improve student practice at home. Even teach long distance. TimeWarp Technologies has solutions for you!

Presenters: George Litterst, Shana Kirk, Stella Sick.
Shana Kirk
Stella Sick 2017
Kevin Olson The FJH Music Company
The Perfect Start and Beyond: Music that Motivates at all Ages and Stages
Finding the right repertoire and teaching approaches that will engage each student is one of the biggest challenges teachers face. In this exciting and interactive workshop, Dr. Kevin Olson will present some of the newest music he has written for the FJH Music Company, the backgrounds and teaching strategies on each piece, and ways your students use repertoire to explore their own creativity and artistry.

Presenter: Dr. Kevin Olson
Sean Slade Mug shot enhanced Piano Marvel
New Pieces Your Students Will Love - New Tools You Will Love!
Comedy Solos and Duets written for you and your students will be performed live for your entertainment and delight. Add to your collection these new pieces by award winning composers, Kevin Olson, Melody Bober, Jeremy Siskind, Aaron Garner, Dennis Alexander, and More!

Also be the first to see the unveiling of three revolutionary tools for motivating students to practice with purpose!

The first 75 people in the door will receive a free copy of "Comedy Solos and Duets".

Presenters: Sean Slade and Aaron Garner

Aaron Garner
Stephenson Tim Steinway & Sons
Pedagogy in the “Age of Spirio”
Join us for an informative interactive workshop on how Spirio | r can change your student’s learning experience and enhance the creative process. Hear what Spirio technology does to Steinway Pianos and why you want to be involved as new techniques are created to make better musicians. Also included in the presentation is an overview of “Steinway Today” and programs that support our Institutional Partnerships.

Presenter: Tim Stephenson & Guests
Rusk Elaine The Royal Conservatory
The RCM Certificate Program – Celebrating Student Achievement!
Join Sheila Vail and Elaine Rusk to learn why everybody is talking about the benefits of structured music study through the RCM Certificate Program. This national program offers an internationally recognized curriculum, wide range of supporting resources, and third-party assessment to provide inspiration, motivation, and to ensure student success

Presenters: Elaine Rusk and Sheila Vail
Vail Sheila
Rusk Elaine The Royal Conservatory
Rediscovering the Celebration Series®
Join us to explore the Celebration Series® with fresh eyes. The acclaimed twelve volumes of repertoire contain outstanding selections from all style periods, including music by your favorite North American composers. The ten Etudes books feature pieces that develop students’ technical skills while engaging their musical imaginations. Discover ways to inspire your students and fill every lesson with wonderful music.

Presenters: Elaine Rusk and Marvin Blickenstaff
Blickenstaff Marvin
Lopinski Janet The Royal Conservatory
Elements of Evaluation: What to Listen for when Assessing our Students
Join us for an interactive workshop in which criteria for evaluating musical performances will be explored. Discover how the systematic approach to assessing performance in examinations can be applied effectively in weekly lessons and daily practice sessions.

Presenters: Janet Lopinski and Members of the RCM College of Examiners
Hisey Andrew The Royal Conservatory
Nurturing Well-Rounded Musicians Through the RCM Certificate Program
Explore the many ways in which The Royal Conservatory Certificate Program curriculum and complementary resources support the development of well-rounded musicianship, ensure student progress, and celebrate achievement. Discover how a creative approach to studying music theory will support and enhance each student’s progress, and provide the tools for a lifetime of music making!

Presenters: Andrew Hisey and Janet Lopinski
Lopinski Janet
Yehuda Asaf Ben Tonara
How to Get Students to Enjoy Practice – The Ideas Behind Tonara
Hear how we developed a platform that empowers teachers and uses innovative methods to adjust to any teacher and teaching method. The ideas behind Tonara will be a discussion on how a technology company can take all the methods that worked for teachers for decades and create an easy to use platform that preserves the good and adds just the right amount of innovation.

Presenters: Asaf Ben Yehuda and Lou Ann Pope
Pope Lou Ann
Baumgartner Eric Copy Willis Music
It All Starts with Good Music!
The formula for having happy, thriving piano students often involve two things: a teacher that can easily adapt to any situation, and of course, great music! Join Eric and Jason as they co-present an hour of cool new pieces tailored especially to students of today. Take a suspenseful trip through the frabjous Tulgey Wood, learn a little improv, and you might even hear snippets of Lady Gaga and the Beatles. (Free music, while supplies last!)

Presetners: Eric Baumgartner and Jason Sifford
Lara Downes photo Yamaha
Telling Our Stories through the Piano: Connecting with 21st Century Audiences
If music speaks where words fail, then pianists can tell the most intricate stories of all. Join host Shana Kirk with Yamaha Artists Lara Downes and Dan Tepfer, as they discuss how pianists can use narrative to engage and cultivate longtime listeners.

Presetners: Lara Downes and Dan Tepfer, moderated by Shana Kirk
Shana Kirk