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Wednesday, July 24

2:00 pm Panel The Successful Group Lesson: Working with Beginners
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2:00 pm Bradley Sowash Improve Your Groove

2:05 pm Eneida Larti and Sam Welsh The Modern Piano Teacher: Entrepreneurship in the Digital Age

2:15 pm Pamela Pike Serious Learning – Serious Fun! Strategies for Making Music with Older Adults

2:30 pm Lynnette Barney The Magic of Mixing It Up: Effective Learning in Groups of Mixed Ages and Levels

2:35 pm Panel Build Your Dream Job! How Five Teachers from the Same Pedagogy Program Customized Their Careers

2:45 pm Kenneth Williams Piano Pedagogy in an Age of Student Mobility

3:00 pm Michelle Sisler/Linda Christensen Use Technology to Extend Learning During the Week

3:15 pm Lisa Zdechlik Beyond Piano Centrism: Teaching for the Instrumental Diversity in the Group Piano Setting

3:30 pm Diana Dumlavwalla Striving for Excellence in Online Pedagogy: Characteristics of Expert Teachers Using the Video-Conferencing Format

3:35 pm Marilyn Lowe How to Think Music: The Pathway to Music Literacy for the Music/Piano Student

3:45 pm Vanessa Cornett The Riddle of the Pianist’s Paradox

4:05 pm Clinton Pratt Music Moves Us . . . Literally! — Using Movement to Enhance Musicianship

4:05 pm Panel Apply for your Dream Job! Navigating the Academic Job Market

6:30 pm Arlene Steffen Smooth Transitions: Moving from Methods to Masters

6:30 pm Charlene Shelzi Jarvis Witches, Vampires, Bat, Oh My! A Practical Guide To Coaching Early Composition

6:30 pm Laura Amoriello Meditation: The Teacher-Performer's Best-Kept Secret

6:30 pm Chris Madden/Jennifer Stadler Engaging Your Audience with Green Screen Technology

7:00 pm Lori Frazer Orchestrated Backgrounds - Benefits and Beyond!

7:00 pm Linda Christensen/Michelle Sisler Deepen Learning through Project-Based Learning

7:30 pm Jason Sifford Eyes, Ears, Arms, and Heart

7:30 pm Kris Skaletski/Emily Skaletski Skills and Strategies for Inclusive Piano Teaching

7:30 pm NSMS Faculty Teaching the Bach Inventions: An In-depth Analysis and Practical Guidelines

7:40 pm Seth Quay, Casey Loudin, Annette Karges Breathing and Mindfulness Exercises for Reinforcing Musical Concepts and Preparing for Performance

7:50 pm Joseph Harkins Professional Branding: Advance Your Studio Images

8:00 pm Paola Savvidou/Kristen Schuyten Translating Research into Action: Injury-Prevention Strategies for the Pre-Collegiate Pianist

8:30 Thomas Swenson Different Strokes for Different Folks: Assessments and Beyond for Adult Students

9:00 pm Jessie Welsh Between the Lines: Lasting Lessons from the Studio

Thursday, July 25

9:00 am Todd Van Kekerix Elvina Pearce: An Excursion Through the Life and Contributions of a Piano Pedagogue

9:00 am Wynn-Anne Rossi Jazzy Notes and Wild Stories

9:00 am Vanessa Cornett, Jessica Johnson, Brenda Wristen Put on Your Own Oxygen Mask Before Assisting Others

9:25 am Garinee Garmanian Jording The Professional Identity of Independent Piano Teachers

9:25 am Soojung Jeon and Yoonsook Song Time for Two!: Succeeding with Piano Duet

12:15 pm Interactive Wellness Café
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12:15 pm Research Posters

Catherine Willard Exploring Improvisation in the Music Reader

Shitong Sigler Entrepreneurship and Opportunities Beyond the Practice Room

Ricardo Pozenatto Keyboard Skills: Class Piano Students' Preferences

Fen-Fang Chen Observation and Analysis of Undergraduate Applied Piano Lessons and Individual Practice Sessions

Rachel D. Hahn Aural Modeling and Tempo Control in Technology-Assisted Practice: Effect of Apps on Student Achievement

Yoon Pak Effective Preparation for Chopin Études

1:30 pm Lesley McAllister Facing Fear: Anxiety and the Adolescent Student

1:30 pm Cole Burger Beginning and Early Intermediate Piano Music by Female Composers

1:30 pm Diana Dumlavwalla Striving for Excellence in Online Pedagogy: Characteristics of Expert Teachers Using the Video-Conferencing Format

1:30 pm Gail Berenson/Linda Cockey Bringing 1990 Wellness Stragegies into the Present: Looking at their Relevance from Today's Perspective

1:55 pm Penny Lazarus When our Piano Students Inspire Others: The Socially Conscious Piano Studio

1:55 pm Rachel Fritz/Catherine Walby Community Music Schools As Advocates For Social Justice

Friday, July 26

9:00 am Pamela Pike Serious Learning – Serious Fun! Strategies for Making Music with Older Adults

9:00 am Fred Karpoff Balancing Clarity and Resonance With Artistic Pedaling

9:00 am Christopher Norton Mixing it up - Different Approaches to the Teaching of Improvisation

9:00 am Panel Build Your Dream Job! How Five Teachers from the Same Pedagogy Program Customized Their Careers

9:25 am Alicia Caicedo-Cavazos The Health Aware Piano Student: Suggestions for Health Information Delivery in University Music Programs

12:15 pm Interactive Wellness Café
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12:15 pm General Pedagogy Posters

Natsumi Takai Pedal Pedagogy! Fun Facilitation for Beginners

Marcia L Bosits Pedagogy, Professionalism, and Career Preparation: Learning From Other Disciplines

Kyu Butler/Dr. Carol Leone Measuring up to Prevent Injuries: Handspans, Repertoire, and Alternatively-Sized Piano Keyboards

Yeon-Kyung Kim Old in New: A Teaching Guide to Anniversaries by Leonard Bernstein

Joyce Hall Wolf/Rachel Taylor Teaching Collaboration – Student Pianist to Artist Collaborator

Sungsook Kim Yi Micro Peer Teaching Demonstrations in University Group Piano Curricula: A Practical Component to Explore

Sunjoo Lee Understanding ADHD and Teaching Strategies for Students with ADHD in Music Instruction

Stephanie Bruning Hey…Listen to this!

1:30 pm Lois Svard The Musical World of Infants: What It Can Tell Us About How Children Actually Learn Music

1:30 pm Immanuela Gruenberg Secrets and Dilemmas From a Music Editor's Desk

1:30 pm Glenn Utsch What, No Joplin? Exploring the "Other" Early Ragtime Pianists and Expanding the Piano Repertoire

1:30 pm Kotova Svetlana Chilean Music for Young Pianists

1:30 pm Diane Hidy and Michelle Lifshitz Beyond Boys and Girls: Ten Proven Ways to Make Wise Choices For Your Students Without Resorting to Gender Cliches

1:30 pm Lightning Talks

David N. Bower The American Guild of Organists National Committee on The New Organist (CONO): Opportunities for Pianists to Acquire Basic Proficiency on the Pipe Organ

Kristin Cahill - bitKlavier: Reimagining the Piano

Amy Chaplin Evernote for the Independent Music Teacher

Rachel D. Hahn - Do You Validate? Parking National Core Arts Standards in Elementary Piano

1:55 pm Michael Clark Reflecting What's Right in Your Playing: An Introduction to Mirror Practice

1:55 pm Amber Yiu-Hsuan Liao Promoting Equity in Concert Programming: Piano Solo Works by Asian Female Composers

Saturday, July 27

9:00 am Panel The Successful Group Lesson: Working with Beginners
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9:00 am Nancy Bachus Clara Schumann—A 21st Century Role Model

9:00 am Spencer Myer Muscle Memory: Friend or Foe?

9:00 am Clinton Pratt Let’s Make Something Up! A Universal Approach to Improvisation

9:00 am Donna Gunn Discoveries from the Fortepiano: A Modern Pianist’s Journey

9:00 am Susan Osborn The Score Speaks: Teaching Interpretation Through Score Mapping

9:25 am Natalie Doughty/Scarlette Kerr Not Just Fun and Games: Strategic Design for Significant Learning

9:25 am Vanessa Cornett The Riddle of the Pianist’s Paradox

10:00 am Scott Price/Chase Batten Inclusive Teaching Demonstration
Includes resources to review Pre-NCKP

11:00 am Bradley Sowash/Tony Caramia/Jeremy Siskind & students Improvisation Teaching Demonstration
Includes resources to review Pre-NCKP

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1:30 pm Phyllis Alpert Lehrer Embracing Complexity: Explorations along the Pianists' Path

1:30 pm Amy Gillingham, Kimberly Lazzeri, Christina Lalog Seal, and Richard Van Dyke
Dedication: Creative Programming for a Collaborative Recital

1:30 pm Susan Bruckner Music and Neuroscience: Towards a Return to the Core Curriculum

1:30 pm Morgan Murdock Kline Kids & Counterpoint: Teaching Off the Bench

1:30 pm Nancy O'Neill Breth Goodbye Tears and Tantrums: A Fresh Look at Practicing

1:55 pm Huiyun Liang Seeing the Unobservable: An Exploratory Study of Incorporating Video Modeling into Piano Teaching

1:55 pm Gloria Tham-Haines Trust-Based Relational Intervention(R) Strategies for the Trauma-Informed Piano Studio