Build Your Dream Job! How Five Teachers from the Same Pedagogy Program Customized Their Careers

Not sure what direction to take your career? The sky’s the limit! Come learn from five professionals who started in the same pedagogy program but ended up with wildly different career paths. This open discussion panel will also give you a chance to ask questions and get practical advice from five successful teachers who customized their careers to suit their interests.


Davis Dorrough87
Davis Dorrough 
Olivia Ellis
Olivia Ellis
Marji Fint headshot
Marji Fint
Angela Marshall1
Angela Marshall
Jennifer Walschap1Jennifer Walschap

Inclusive Piano Teaching—Same Lesson, Different Pedagogy, Your Questions WITH Answers

Join four nationally recognized leaders in the field of inclusive piano teaching for a question and answer panel. Panelists will respond to questions solicited from attendees prior to the conference and during the session.


Beth Bauer
Melissa MartirosPhoto
Melissa Martiros
Derek Polishuck
Scott Price

Put on Your Own Oxygen Mask Before Assisting Others

Burnout—exhaustion or a lack of motivation experienced in response to chronic work-related stressors—is a pervasive concern in the modern world. Music teachers may be especially at risk due to a lack of professional support networks. This panel presentation will explore the topic of professional burnout among piano teachers. Attendees will learn to identify factors that contribute to burnout so they can take proactive steps toward energetic professional engagement.


VanessaCornett photo
 Vanessa Cornett
J.Johnson photo
Jessica Johnson 
B.Wristen photo
Brenda Wristen 

The Successful Group Lesson: Working with Beginners

What are some ways to introduce young children to the wonderful world of learning, playing and creating music? How can music-learning activities be informed by the research and practice of early childhood music specialists? A panel of experts representing two committees (Music in Early Childhood and Independent Music Teachers) will discuss teaching young beginners in groups, addressing Musicianship, Creativity/improvisation, Musical play and Adaptation of group activities to private lessons, including video clips plus Q&A time.

Burns Elaina
Elaina Burns (Panelist)
Lowe Marilyn
 Marilyn Lowe (Panelist)
Janet Tschida (Panelist)
Arlene Steffen (panelist)
Fields Linda
Linda M. Fields (Moderator)
Stewart MooreJodi
Jodi Stewart-Moore (Support)

Do Collaborative Piano Programs Serve the Students or the Institution?

The number of collaborative piano programs being established across the country has been increasing steadily over recent years. While collaborative skills are, without question, invaluable to any pianist, are these programs being created to provide accompanying services for the institution, or with true pedagogical intent: to foster learning and skill acquisition for the student pianists? This session will be a critical and frank panel discussion examining the who, what, why, where, and how of graduate collaborative piano programs in higher education.

BrownDanaDana Brown GravesJodyJody Graves SpencerMyerSpencer Myer NguyenAlexandraAlexandra Nguyen, Moderator