2015 Teaching Students with Special Needs

Pre-Conference Track, Wednesday July 29

Brought to you by the NCKP Committee on Teaching Students with Special Needs: Beth Bauer, Chair, Scott Price, Richard Simensen, Lisa Zdechlik.

Wednesday, July 29

1:30-2:00 Pre-Conference Keynote Address

3:00-4:00 You can do it! The Inclusion of Students with Autism in the Piano Studio (Grand Ballroom C)

This session will discuss practical teaching suggestions for teaching students with autism in the piano studio.  These practical solutions will help teachers as they work with this population and be very applicable to teaching all types of students.  Attendees will be given handouts with lesson ideas as well as a detailed bibliography of useful sources.  One special highlight will be live performances by Dr. Bauer’s students.

BethBauerBeth Bauer is pedagogy instructor at the Wheaton College Conservatory. She is the founder of Beethoven’s Buddies, a music program for students with developmental delays. Her work is nationally recognized for work with students with disabilities.


4:00-5:00 Dyslexia and the Keyboard: Recognizing the Invisible and How Teachers Can Help (Grand Ballroom C)
This session describes symptoms and issues dyslexic students face, recent neurological discoveries concerning dyslexia, and “outside the box” compensation techniques teachers may use with students who demonstrate reading issues.

036 maloyLynn Godfriaux Maloy, MM, NCTM, is an active performer, teacher, adjudicator, and author.  She received her degrees in piano from the University of Oklahoma.  She lives and works in Colorado Springs, Colorado.


5:00-6:00 Do You Hear What I Hear? Teaching Students with Hearing Loss (Grand Ballroom C)
This session will broaden your awareness about hearing loss, show you communication tips for working with students with hearing loss, offer strategies for playing the piano and selecting repertoire and inspire you to develop your teaching skills for including hearing impaired students in your studio. Come find out how improvement in hearing technology will impact music teachers in the future as more late deafened adults and others with noise induced hearing loss will seek music instruction.

CherisseMillerCherisse Miller is a hearing impaired pianist and independent piano teacher in Columbia, SC. She is a graduate of the University of South Carolina (M.M. and D.M.A.) She has articles in Piano Pedagogy Forum and Hearing Review and editor of Making Music with a Hearing Loss: Strategies and Stories.


6:00-7:00 Dinner Break

7:00-8:00 Creating OpporTUNEity: Service-Learning, Collaboration, and the Development of High-Impact Community Programs for At-Risk Youth and Children with Special Needs in South Central Tennessee (Grand Ballroom C)
The majority of this presentation will be devoted to OpporTUNEity: a highly successful co-curricular service-learning project that provides children with special needs and at-risk youth in Pulaski, TN with piano lessons and mentoring from undergraduate students in a supervised, one-on-one setting. With an 80% poverty rate, Pulaski continues to work towards shedding its’ history as the birthplace of the KKK and heal the longstanding impact of racial segregation. This program works to positively change all of above through the emphasis on inclusion, diversity, and community collaboration.

Martiros HeadshotMelissa Martiros has a DMA in Piano Performance and Pedagogy and a MS in Special Education from the University of Wisconsin Madison. She currently serves as Assistant Professor of Music and Service-Learning Coordinator at Martin Methodist College. An advocate for inclusion in music, she is the founder of OpporTUNEity, a community piano program for at-risk youth and children with special needs in Pulaski, TN.

8:00-9:00 Q&A Panel Discussion (Grand Ballroom C)