7:30AM    Registration Opens | Junior Ballroom Foyer
8:00AM   Publisher's Showcases
    Alfred Publishing Company | Grand Ballroom IJ
    Neil A. Kjos Music Company | Grand Ballroom CD
    Hal Leonard | Grand Ballroom GH
    Yamaha | Lilac BD
9:00AM   Announcements | Grand Ballroom EF
9:30AM   Keynote Address: The Road Ahead: Piano study for the next generation
    Pete Jutras | Grand Ballroom EF
10:15AM   Teaching Demonstration: It’s Only Natural: Planting the Seeds for Growth in Elementary Teaching
    Amy Glennon, Angela Triandafillou | Grand Ballroom EF
11:00AM   Break
11:15AM   Workshops (Choose One)
    Energize Your Student Recitals: 12 Strategies for Success
    Melody Bober | Grand Ballroom CD
    The History of the Piano
    Ratko Delorko | Grand Ballroom IJ
    Singing Through Your Instrument
    Scott Donald, Klondike Steadman | Grand Ballroom AB
    Fresh Impressions: Examining the Interview Process
    Rebecca Pennington | Grand Ballroom GH
    Stress-free Business Practices for Your Studio, Part 2
    Wendy Stevens | Lilac AC
12:15PM   Noontime Recital: Sean Chen, American Pianists Association 2013 Fellow | Grand Ballroom EF
1:00PM   Teaching Demonstration: A Multi-Perspective Master Class
    Hando Nahkur, Kathleen Riley, Julie Jaffee Nagel | Grand Ballroom EF
1:30PM   Exhibits Close
2:30PM   Workshops (Choose One)
    Shall we improvise? Teaching basic improvisation to your students
    Richard Grayson | Lilac AC
    Planning for Progressive Growth in the Intermediate Years
    The New School for Music Study | Grand Ballroom AB
    Pedagogical Strategies for Children with Special Needs
    Melissa Martiros | Grand Ballroom IJ
    Healthy Technique: Finding Physical Ease at the Piano
    Kent McWilliams | Grand Ballroom CD
    Building Firm Foundations for Music Literacy
    Janna Olson | Grand Ballroom GH
3:30PM   Closing Recital: Tony Caramia | Grand Ballroom EF