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2017 Teaching Demonstrations

We are excited to present three (3) separate 90-minute teaching demonstrations throughout the main-conference. The demonstrations will be organized by level; beginning teaching, intermediate teaching, and advanced teaching. Dr. Robert Duke will be joining a team of experienced teachers and their students in a combination of live and carefully selected pre-recorded excerpts to provide commentary and moderate pedagogical discussion. We expect this to be one of the most valuable and informative series of teaching demonstrations we have ever offered at an NCKP conference. More information will be posted soon - stay tuned!


Dr. Robert Duke, Moderator, is the Marlene and Morton Meyerson Centennial Professor and Head of Music and Human Learning at The University of Texas at Austin, where he is a University and University of Texas System Distinguished Teaching Professor, Elizabeth Shatto Massey Distinguished Fellow in Teacher Education, and Director of the Center for Music Learning. He is also an affiliate professor in the Dell Medical School at The University of Texas and director of the psychology of learning program at the Colburn Conservatory of Music in Los Angeles.

Dr. Duke’s research on human learning and behavior spans multiple disciplines, including motor skill learning, cognitive psychology, and neuroscience. His most recent work explores the refinement of procedural memories and the analysis of visual gaze in teacher-learner interactions. A former studio musician and public school music teacher, he has worked closely with children at-risk, both in the public schools and through the juvenile justice system. He is the author of Scribe 4 behavior analysis software, and his most recent books are Intelligent Music Teaching: Essays on the Core Principles of Effective InstructionThe Habits of Musicianship, which he co-authored with Jim Byo of Louisiana State University, and Brain Briefs, which he co-authored with Art Markman, his co-host on the public radio program and podcast Two Guys on Your Head, produced by KUT Radio in Austin.