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  • Piano MagazineCOVID-19 Special Issue

    Piano Magazine
    COVID-19 Special Issue

    The COVID-19 special issue of Piano Magazine features articles and resources specifically addressing topics relating to teaching in the time of COVID-19, such as technology and wellness. Digital flipbook available for all current subscribers. Read More
  • Teacher Education Courses

    Teacher Education Courses

    Enrollment is now open for the Frances Clark Center's first online course, The Beginner Course: Strong Foundations for Young Pianists Read More
  • Piano Teach Learn Facebook Group

    Piano Teach Learn Facebook Group

    A benefit for Piano Magazine subscribers, The Frances Clark Center invites you to join a new teacher education initiative: the Piano Teach Learn Facebook group. Piano Teach Learn promotes educational and musical excellence while building a strong, dynamic teaching community. Read More
  • Publications


    We offer publications by leaders in the field that will be of great interest to any piano teacher. They are frequently used both in collegiate pedagogy courses and by independent teachers. Recent additions include "The Success Factor in Piano Teaching" by Elvina Pearce. Read More
  • Join leaders in the field for interactive and innovative online seminars discussing a range of relevant and valuable topics. Each seminar will provide innovative teaching strategies and detailed approaches through engagement with presenters and attendees. Read More
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